A .45 caliber pistol manufactured by Heckler and Koch. After the toughest comparative trials of the US Army Special Operations Command, the MARK 23 defeated all competitors. It was adopted under the designation MK 23 MODEL.0, US SOCOM.

The tests which had to be successfully passed included the following:

  • 30,000-round endurance firing test with +P ammunition

  • Tests at extreme temperatures +163,4°F/-58°F

  • 96-h salt spray test mist test

  • Sand, dust, sludge test

  • 96-h salt spray test

  • Harshest drop tests

  • Maximum accuracy and precision

    Special features :

  • Buffer system for minimised recoil forces

  • Either-handed safety lever and magazine release

  • Separate decocking lever on the left side

  • Extremely corrosion-resistant coating of all metal components

  • Polygon barrel hard-chrome plated internally.

Overall, this is a very durable and rugged gun, while at the same time extremely lethal and accurate. It should also be noted that this weapon comes with a threaded barrel for a special screw-on sound and flash supressor made especially for the SOCOM, as well as a underbarrel mount for a laser sight.

The American Special Operations Command decided they needed an "offensive" pistol for covert operations -- as opposed to the normal pistol, which is a defensive weapon of last resort. They spent an inordinate amount of cash and ended up with a gun that was powerful, accurate, rugged, had every special feature you could think of, and was far too big and heavy for practical use. Good, job, Special Operations Command!

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