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A http tunnel is a connection between a computer on the internet and another computer behind a firewall with access to a http proxy. This can be very usefull if you are a member of an annoying organisation (.g. a school or office) that blocks what you can access on the internet. If you set up a tunnel to an outside computer, you can do whatever you want, using this tunnel as your internet connection.

To start with the basics of tunneling, you need a client and a server. The easiest way is if you have a computing at home that is always on the internet. This would become the server. The client is the computer that you are using, the computer you want to create the tunnel to.

Simply download a program called hts and another called htc. hts is the server program and htc is the client program. On the server computer, run hts and bind it to a port on your computer. On the client, run htc and bind it to a port on the client. You also have to tell htc the http proxy server's address. Once the tunnel is established, any data sent to port on the computer behind the firewall will be forwared to the port on the server. This can be very usefull for unsing ssh - ftp - telnet from evil places as mentioned before. The exact commands on how to use hts and htc can be found in the documentation and on the website. You can download hts and htc from http://www.nocrew.org/software/httptunnel.html the package is called httptunnel and the latest stable version is 3.05

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