I watched Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year on ABC and they were showing Times Square with the Happy Fun Ball which used to look like The Big Apple but now just looks stupid, going down like a page in Washington DC. Cold women in New York City rubbing up against cold men in the crowds asking "Is That a Banana in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?" The year 2000 is gone. Whether a century starts on year zero or year one is now irrelevant. Without question we are now officially in the 21st century.

Once again, the Discover Card company bought advertising space, placing their name above the words for Happy New Year and directly below the Happy Fun Ball. They want to be known as the happy corporation I guess. God bless America and capitalism. Some say the phrase Happy New Year Sounds cool and means nothing but to others it means everything. I mean they had Muhammed Ali up there with Mayor Guilianni, and I'd bet to Ali it's pretty amazing he's lived to see a new century. A new millenium. I dunno. It just seems a bit... Why can't corporations have some respect, y'know? I mean it's not like having their name up there's gonna make me go out and get a Discover credit card. This Year's Model or any other. If anything it will make me think twice before I do. I'll keep my visa card thank you very much.

Of course, None of this will mean a thing in 100 years but I just thought I'd point it out. I'm still ticked off though cuz I was promised flying cars and they still ain't here.

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