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"He had a life before he met you, you know." Shelly plopped two more sugar cubes into her teacup. "I can guarantee he's been with someone else. I mean, hell, you found him online!"

Barb took a pull from her own teacup, but hers was filled with bourbon. "I don't care. He's mine now. I don't give a shit who he's been with in the past."

Shelly sighed, spotting the petulant protrusion of her younger sister’s lower lip. “Fine, marry him for all I care. Just don’t come bawling to me when he’s no longer giving you what you need.”

Barb cooed at her new boyfriend, his arm wrapped around her shoulder. He just sat at the kitchen table, a big stupid smirk plastered on his face. His fingers grazed her breast, and she turned red. “Not here, you horny brute.”

Rolling her eyes, Shelly set her cup down on the table, spilling oolong on the doily. “I better leave you two alone.” She stood up, and Barb also tried to stand quickly.

Her boyfriend’s arm stayed over her shoulder, separating from the torso with a muffled snap.

Barb looked down, shock spreading over her face. He just sat there, grinning.

Shelly shoved her index finger almost into Barb’s face. “God damnit, I told you not to pick up men online. How are we going to dispose of this one?”

Still looking downtrodden, Barb tried to fit the corpse’s arm back on. “Same as last time. Lots of glue, some tape, and re-wrap the linen bandages. Some museum must be looking for a new mummy for their exhibit. I’ll just drop the price when I post him back on EBay. I just wish I didn't sleep with him last night.”

"Slut," mumbled Shelly.

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