Book by Susan Faludi, in which she attempts to explain the why a lot of men have felt like they have had to blame feminism for their current economic status of dust bin men. She reasons that modern consumer sociey has in effect objectified men as well as women, causing them to experience the same status frustration as women, but without any men to fight against. Basically, it condemns modern society, and suggests that men form some kind of movement with women against it, in a revolution against the bosses, a la Marxism.
Or thats what I thought anyway.
Susan Faludi's Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man is a sympathetic view of the emotional plight of men in the present-day US. She talks to numerous men from various walks of life: shipbuilders, Promise Keepers, gang members, Citadel students, porn actors, and others. She has spent years talking to these individuals, who represent more extreme versions of the overall male condition.

Many of the men are anxious or feel out of place, for reasons that Faludi describes. Several of the them have difficulty assuming the traditional breadearner role, because of layoffs and because their wives have greater earning potential. Also, our media-driven, celebrity-obsessed society pushes men to place themselves in an ornamental role, judging themselves on how they appear instead of what they accomplish. Finally, many men complain about having fathers who were absent, remote, or unable to instruct them how to be real men in modern society.

The book was quite interesting, both in terms of the individuals Faludi describes and her conclusions about the general male conditions. However, the guys who I know (including myself) don't match what she portrays. Stiffed may describe blue-collar baby boomers more accurately than it describes a younger technical crowd. Also, the second half of the book focuses on men in the media spotlight, which distorts her conclusion about their concern with their image and visibility. Overall, it's a very good book.

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