Hearts in Atlantis, a recent novel by Stephen King. Features six short stories, all of which are interconnected. They all have characters in common, the stories also have the Vietnam War in common. We see the characters before they know they are bound for war, and during the aftermath. And yes, if you read this novel you will become hopelessly addicted to Hearts. After reading it I made my friend Debbie teach me how to play. I feel, this is one of Stephen King's best works. He does appeal to the old fans by referring to The Dark Tower series. But he also explores a topic which I believe will appeal to many who don't usually read Stephen King.

One of the six stories, “Low Men in Yellow Coats,” was adapted for the film version of Hearts in Atlantis. William Goldman, who also wrote The Princess Bride, wrote the screenplay. The film stars Anthony Hopkins as Ted, the upstairs neighbor with psychic powers, and Anton Yelchin as Bobby, the kid downstairs who grows deeply attached to his strange neighbor. Steven Hicks directed the film and landed a best director Oscar nomination for Shine in 1996.

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