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Motorists traveling through McHenry County in far northern Illinois will know that they are approaching the confluence of Illinois routes 47 and 173 when they observe a dull orange ball on the horizon. Drawing nearer, the orb will reveal itself to be a pedisphere type water tower painted to resemble a basketball. The speed limit will reduce dramatically as you approach a village and a simple script will become visible on the tower,



Hebron's claim to fame is that the combined Hebron-Alden High School basketball team defeated the much larger Quincy Senior High School in the 1952 Illinois High School Basketball Championship. The Giants won 64-59 in overtime. To date, the team holds the distinction of coming from the smallest enrolled class ever to win a title at only 98 students.

The only gas station for many miles around is at the intersection of these two state routes. Across the street, motorists can get soft-serve ice cream at The Dari, because no self-respecting Midwestern village is without Tastee Freeze-type shop.

The downtown business district runs primarily for several blocks south of 173 on 47, ending at the high school and elementary school at the intersection of 47 and Price road, past which point the speed limit returns to 55 MPH.

North of downtown is a decent sit-down restaurant called Crandall's. Thirsty visitors can enjoy the full bar and wood fired pizza at Heart's Saloon. For those without time to kill, the only other option is Subway.

Illinois Tool Works is the village's largest employer, operating east of the Elementary School on Price road.

Motorists traveling through the area are advised to drive the posted speed limit, especially those revelers traveling north for the annual Country Thunder festival in Wisconsin.

Hebron's single patrolman WILL bust your ass.

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