Hendrick's Gin is a single batch Scottish gin with a unique taste and brilliant marketing. Like most gin the liquor is 88 proof neutral spirits infused with botanicals. The difference comes in the selection of botanicals:

Upon tasting, drinkers will discover a high quality gin, but will likely be surprised by the taste of cucumber.

Most notable, aside from taste, is a unique marketing campaign featuring such slogans as "It's not for everyone" and "A Most Iconoclastic Gin." The basic campaign features a Victorian look and feel, while pushing the uniqueness of the liquor and, by association, the drinker.

Hendrick's is distributed by William Grant & Sons, distributor of such notable liquors as Glenfidditch, and distilled in Scotland by the Girvan Distillery since 1886.

Hendrick's Gin can be served as any other gin, but be sure to garnish with a cucumber for martinis and gin and tonics.

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