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Who'd a thunk it? While browsing around the Nashville page at imdb.com, I made a discovery... The voice of Wilbur the Pig in the lovable 1973 cartoon version of Charlotte's Web and the head Nazi in The Blues Brothers are the same guy. Who also happened to play (and write lyrics for!) Haven Hamilton in Robert Altman's Nashville and Dr. Werner Klopek in The 'burbs. He's also been seen as a "college student" in The Nutty Professor (the original, not the Eddie Murphy one!) and Mr. Wormwood in Innerspace. Back in the day (1968-71, to be exact), he was a regular on Laugh-In. More recently, he's been seen in Magnolia and The Luck of the Irish (that silly Disney tv movie aired over St. Pat's Day). Henry Gibson... what a guy.

Editor's note: Henry Gibson passed away on September 16, 2009, aged 73.

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