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A Poem in the Before Choice Disturbs collection

Her Body Had Knots and Hollows

Her body had knots and hollows.
These valleys, knolls and groves,
Grooves where my hands would catch.
Hours we'd spend
Eye to eye, focused on the wide black dots,
Dilated in the room's darkness.

Touch and stare-- and touch.

We did our smiles, then.
Times spent in that room, on that bed, were all smiles
And words.
Wit so sharp, hopping into bed meant
Risking a red dance across your skin.

Touch. Hands stretching out, matching mine.
Eyes looking deeply at eyes, this living mirror.
A reflection of reflection that eased
Into the illusion of a life together

We'd be spending a life together

There, I couldn't imagine that warmth that bed without her.
In the morning, hearing the water gulping over her, I can.

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