At 23 seconds in length, the shortest Beatle track on record.

As Paul McCartney lived in St John's Wood, quite close to Abbey Road Studios, he often arrived far earlier than his fellow Beatles and sometimes began recording. This was one of his efforts which he recorded before the other arrived on July 2, 1969.

When the tracks for Abbey Road were being remixed on July 30, second engineer John Kurlander played it to Paul who told him to throw it away. After Paul had left, Kurlander picked the small piece of tape off the floor and stuck it on the end of the edit tape. Eventually, Paul heard it again and decided it could be used on the album.

The number was the closing track on the Abbey Road album. Paul had composed the number in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and copies of the LP were sent to Buckingham Palace.

Paul played the acoustic guitar and sang solo on the number.

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