A FOX television show last broadcast in April of 1994. The show was based around a man working in a publishing company in New York. The important comedic element is that one can see the internal processes of Herman's thinking through the interaction of four characters that represent his mind.

`Angel' represents compassion, tenderness, and honesty. Basically, characteristics that might be likened to the super ego in Freudian terms.

`Animal' represents the fun things in life, such as food, womanizing, aggression and so forth. Much like a personification of the Id.

`Wimp' is the neurotic side of Herman's brain and represents all his hang-ups and pessimism, always thinking the worst of every situation.

`Genius' represents Herman's intellect. He deals with logic and is the side of Herman that reads books and tries to be the voice of reason, partially as a foil to the other characters.

Comedic material comes from Herman's interaction with his surprisingly talented co-workers and the internal "dialogs" of his brain. The show appeared for four seasons, each season gradually diminishing emphasis on the brain gimmick in favor of character driven stories.


Main characters
Herman ........ William Ragsdale
Heddy ......... Jane Sibbett
Louise ........ Yeardley Smith
Mr.Bracken .... Jason Bernard
Jay ........... Hank Azaria

Brain characters:
Angel ......... Molly Hagan
Animal ........ Ken Hudson Campbell
Wimp .......... Rick Lawless
Genius ........ Peter MacKenzie

Noders may notice the presence of both Yeardley Smith and Hank Azaria, both apparently trying to help their fledgling network beyond their roles in The Simpsons.

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