The X-files

Episode: 4X01
First aired:10/4/96
Written by: Chis Carter
Directed by: R. W. Goodman

The fourth season premire!

From the previous episode Talitha Cumi: Mulder's mother has a stroke after meeting with the Cigarette Smoking Man. Mulder and Scully encounter a man, Jerimiah Smith, who apparently has the power to heal people. With a clue, Mulder finds an alien weapon that will kill the alien bounty hunter. X warns Mulder about what he is getting into. Jeremiah Smith tells Scully about an elaborate plan and information for Mulder about his sister. Mulder wants to take him to see his mother but they are stopped by the alien bounty hunter....

A telephone repair man climbs a pole to fix a box. He swats at a bee and is stung on the neck. He yells and sees five identical boys approach the bottom of the pole and chuckles to see this. But suddenly he starts to cough and shake violently. He falls to the ground and they boys look at him and walk away.

Jerimiah Smith approaches Mulder, who is wary. Scully tells Mulder that Smith has information about his sister. Mulder asks him to go see his mother, but the alien bounty hunter arrives. Scully starts to run and Mulder yells to her to get out of the alien's way and that she can't use her gun on him. Scully tries to stop the man but is knocked down. Mulder sees Smith running into a building and he follows, as does the alien bounty hunter. They run around the building, Mulder and the alien bounty hunter chasing after Smith but avoiding eachother. Smith and Mulder find eachother and run off but the alien bounty hunter follows them. They find Scully who was running around outside. Mulder yells at her to get into the car and she drives to get them. But the alien bounty hunter jumps onto her hood and she blared the horn and he grapples off. Mulder and Smith run behind a pile of wood chips and Mulder attacks the alien bounty hunter when he reaches the spot. Mulder winces as the green gas comes out of the alien's neck but runs to the water front where Smith has taken a boat and is going. Mulder yells at him to stop and tells him that he needs him to see his mother. Scully reaches the body of the alien and sees Mulder and Smith in the boat racing off. Scully yells at Mulder.

Scully checks the body but the alien bounty hunter grabs her by the throat and asks her where they are going, to which she replies she does not know.

In the boat, Mulder and Smith talk. Smith tells him that he will have to die sooner or later because of the big plan. Mulder guesses colonization, and Smith says that there will be a new species. Smith says he can take Mulder to a place that will explain everything and he believes that there will be government people at the hospital where his mother is. Then he tells Mudler that he will be able to see his sister.

CSM and an elder are at the hospital with Mulder's mom. The elder asks CSM where Mulder is and he says that he will be coming. The elder says that Mrs. Mulder's life may be in trouble and CSM looks on sorrowfully.

Scully, who is still at the building, calls Mulder. He tells her that people will be looking for him and will try to get to him through her. We see that the alien bounty hunter is holding the weapon over her neck. Scully is very nervous. Scully tells him that the alien bounty hunter is alive. And the alien goes to his car after hearing that Mulder is going to Alberta.

Smith leads Mulder in the car until their gas runs out at which part the start to walk. Smith says that the place is about 20 more miles.

Scully meets with Skinner, who is worried about her and Mulder. Scully says they don't know anything about Smith and Skinner says they do. Skinner takes Scully to see Agent Pendrell who pulls up the files of the 5 Jerimiah Smiths (see Talitha Cumi). They find encoded documents and Scully gets a copy saying that she will try to get it decoded, even though Pendrall can't.

Mulder and Smith come across the body of the telephone repair man and discover that the body has only been there 24 hours but it has decayed enourmously. Mulder says that Smith knows what killed the man but Smith doesn't answer. They continue walking and reach the top of a hill. Mulder sees acres and acres of land covered by black sheets. Smith says that what he is looking at is the future. Mulder sees a shrub that Smith says is being grown for pollen and that the shrub would not be found in a taxonomic chart.

Mulder looks down at the fields with binoculurs and sees a boy and a girl. He recognizes the girl as his sister, Samantha. He can't believe is mainly because she is not older than the day she was taken (12 years old). He runs down and tells to her and takes her by her arms. She shows no response to Mulder. Smith comes up to him and says that she can not talk because she is a worker, a drone and tells him that there is more that he needs to see.

They four of them walk to some houses and more children, the same children come out. Mulder watches with astonishment and realizes that they are clones. Smith says that they can not stay longer and goes to find some gas.

Scully goes to Mulder's apartment and tapes an X on the window to summon X. At night, he comes and knocks on the door. X asks where Mulder is and tells Scully that he has important information regarding his mother and that her life is in danger. X does not say much to Scully and she gets angry, wanting to know what was happening. She hands him the encoded document, which is a list of things all beginning with SEP. X tells her that it stands for Smallpox Eradication Program but tells her to leave it alone and protect Mulder's mother.

Smith comes back with some gas and Mulder holds a Samantha clone's hand saying that she is coming with them. Smith says that she is not his sister. Suddenly they here the alien bounty hunter's car and start to run for a place to hide. Samantha leads them into an apiary for bees. Mulder realizes that it was bees that killed the men before. Smith and the girl have immunity to the bees but Mulder does not but he pours the gasoline all over him and they enter the building.

Mulder, blinded by the gasoline is lead by Smith and Samantha. He recovers and they realize that they are trapped. The alien bounty hunter reaches the apiary and enters. Mulder and Smith push a honey comb onto the alien bounty hunter and the three run out. They see the bees stinging the alien, who is screaming.

Scully sees Pendrall again and she shows him the data asking him for more help. Scully says that she found that the rest of the code is for protein sequences and that the list is an inventory of everyone that has had a small pox vacination.

Scully meets with Skinner and other FBI people to explain what she has found. She shows them a slide from her small pox scar showing a single non random protein pattern that is acting as a tag. Skinner says that she is suggesting that they area all being tagged and catalogued, but why? Scully doesn't have an answer and Skinner is worried about what she is saying.

Mulder calls Scully, who is still in Skinner's office. Mulder tells her to meet him at the hospital where his mother is and says that it is imparitive that he and his party get there safely.

However, the bounty hunter finds them and knocks Mulder over. Mulder says that he can not kill Smith and that the girl is his sister. The alien says that is is nesecarry to the project and throws Mulder and knocks him out. Before he goes into unconsciousness, Mulder sees Smith limping away and hears Samantha's screams.

Scully and Skinner are at the hospital and Skinner is starting to wonder where Mulder is. Mulder comes, obvioulsy hurt and Scully and Skinner run over to him. Mulder mumbles about not being able to do anything. Mulder stumbles to his mother saying that she will never know. Scully drapes a blanket over his shoulders as he starts to cry.

There is an X on Mulder window and X goes to visit Mulder. Suddenly realizing that something is wrong, X starts to leave the building. A member of the syndicate shoots him in the stomach and he falls on the floor.

At the hospital Mulder tells Scully all that he saw. Scully tells Mulder that there is still hope for the truth and for his mother. Scully says that she was warned by a man (X) but that he can offer them the truth.

We see X dragging himself on the floor and, realizing that he can't go any further, write something on the floor with his blood. He dies and we see that he has written SRSG.

Mulder knocks on a door that says Special Representative to the Secretary General and a woman, Marita Covarrubias, the secretary to the person in charge, opens it. She tells him that the an was able to review what Mulder sent him but is busy at the moment. Marita tells Mulder that the fields have been destroyed and no children were found. Mulder is very dissapointed and Marita hands him photos of the clones working in a field saying that not everything dies.

The alien bounty hunter meets CSM in Mrs. Mulder's hospital room. The alien bounty hunter asks CSM why this should be and CSM replies that it is needed to carry on the project and that Mulder, an obstacle, needs to be removed. The alien bounty hunter places his hand on Mrs. Mulder's head and she awakes and looks at CSM.

Important Quotes:
Mulder (on phone) -- "Are you okay, Scully?"
Scully (on phone) -- "Yes, I'm fine."
Mulder -- "Listen to me, there's going to be... there's going to be people looking for me. They're going to think they can get to me through you."
Scully -- "Mulder..."
Mulder -- "No, no, no, hold on, just, just listen for a second, Scully. I need you to do something for me. I had to steal a car from an airport in Alberta. There's going to be a record of me going through Canadian customs and I need you to cover my tracks. I also need you to know that I'm okay, Scully."

Scully -- All beginning with the letters S-E-P. You know what these are. Confirm or deny."
X -- "Smallpox eradication program."
Scully -- "Smallpox?"
X -- "Don't unlock doors you're not prepared to go through, Agent Scully."
Scully -- "What's that supposed to mean?"
X -- "Leave it alone. Protect the mother."

Scully -- "An inventory."
Pendrell -- "Of what?"
Scully -- "Of us."

Mulder -- "Please, you can't kill him...he can't die."
Alien Bounty Hunter -- "He must."
Mulder -- "That girl is my sister."
Alien Bounty Hunter -- "He shows you pieces, but tells you nothing of the whole... because he's inconsequential... a traitor to the project."
Mulder -- "Kill me, let them go."
Alien Bounty Hunter -- "You'd trade your life for his?"
Mulder -- "For my mother's."
Alien Bounty Hunter -- "Everything dies."

Scully -- "Oh, my God... Mulder..."
Mulder -- "I can't... there's nothing."
Scully -- "Oh, dear... no... he's freezing. He's in, you're in shock, Mulder."
Skinner -- "What happened?"
Mulder -- "She'll never know... she'll never know..."

Mulder -- You put such faith in your science, Scully. But... the things I've seen, science provides no place to start."
Scully -- "Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it. And that's a place to start. That's where the hope is."

Alien Bounty Hunter -- "I need to know the reasons why this should be."
CSM -- "So that the work may continue. So that the project may proceed unabated, by removing an unnecessary obstacle."
Alien Bounty Hunter -- "And what obstacle?"
CSM -- "Agent Mulder actually. If his mother were to die he would... you see, the fiercest enemy is the man who has nothing to lose. And you know how important agent Mulder is to the equation."

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