Sports mascot of Virginia Tech, university in Blacksburg, Virginia. Despite what UVa students or fans may say, not a castrated turkey. O. M. Stull, VT class of 1896, came up with the word "Hokie" in a contest to come up with a new school cheer. OMS readily admitted it means nothing in particular.

The Hokie Bird character looks somewhat like a maroon and orange colored turkey, but it's a real stretch.

the word hokie defines a set of unique people in this world. you could be a virginia tech student, and alumni, or maybe even just a fan. you can be a hokie by marriage, by blood, or by birth.
for you tailgates are a must and august through january is the best time of your life. to you, beamer means a heck of a lot more than a fancy european import. you own at least own maroon and orange outfit. numbers like 7,88, and 22 mean something to you. every time you come back and see the backdrop of mountains circling the campus you heart breaths a sigh of relief.

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