The Holy Father is one of the more common terms used to refer to the Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, known to many as the Pope. The Holy Father technically serves in the capacity of the Bishop of Rome, and resides in the Vatican City (The Holy See).

The Holy Father is the successor of Peter, the first leader of the Church. As such, the Holy Father is relied upon for spritiual guidance in all matters of importance. The Pope therefore often makes regular speechs, entertains audiences, and publishes documents (Letters, Memos, and Encyclicals for major issues) to guide the people of the Catholic Church in the proper direction. The Holy Father also travels throughout the Church in the world, visiting many nations. Oftentimes, his visits to nations are for protest of issues (ex. human rights) to draw world attention to it, or for special gatherings (such as World Youth Day). The title of honor the Holy Father receives is "His Holiness."

Currently, the Holy Father is His Holiness John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) who has been the 264th Pope since approximately 5:15pm October 16, 1978. He became the 263rd succesor of Peter by the authority of a Papal conclave of Cardinals after His Holiness Pope John Paul I passed away.

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