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Thinking about traveling to the most badass city in the world but don't know quite where to start? Here's a general idea of how much getting around costs in a taxi in Hong Kong. Keep in mind that a taxi is probably the most expensive means of transportation in Hong Kong.

All prices are in Hong Kong dollars and are as of June, 2001.

First 2.0 kilometers are $12.5
Every 0.2 kilometers $1.2 is added.
Every minute of waiting, $1.2 is added.

For every animal on the taxi, including birds, $4 is added.
For every piece of luggage that cannot rest on your lap, $4 is added.
If the taxi was called by telephone, another $4 is added.
However, anything aiding the disabled (such as crutches or a wheelchair) is free. It even says so on the little fare sheet.

Remember that the red taxis will only take you within Kowloon and the island of Hong Kong itself, and the green taxis will only take you within the New Territories. If you're really a hardcore Hong Kong traveller, you also may know that the light blue taxis will take you to Sha Tin and a couple of outlying territories.

For quick reference, the value of the Hong Kong dollar is roughly 7.7 HK dollars to 1 US dollar. Usually I just divide prices by 8 while I'm over there buying stuff.

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