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Now it isn't like I was ever that homophobic. Okay.. maybe a lot.. You know it's that lovely brainwashing that most children go through, the idea of male closeness being bad and unmanly. The fact that I didn't have any homosexual friends didn't help much either. Sure I knew one who for awhile was said by some of his other friends that he was gay. But I didn't take that much into mind.

Then I met Eric. Eric was a cool guy, new at working at the comic book store that was across from my high school(Yeah.. it took awhile, people.. Senior year of high school). I had two really close friends, and we went to Planet all the time together. Well, we were talking with him and talked about how we wanted to see Fight Club. He got excited and said he would drive us, and to make it short we had a good time(though it did result in my mother getting slightly pissed with me).

Now I went to Planet almost every lunch break, talked with Eric. Then Eric started gathering friends for parties that he threw. His parties were the first that I went to. Sadly enough, I was only able to make it to two parties during my senior year, but about five during my Freshman semester in college.

Duing my high school year, I found out he was gay. I was suprised, maybe a little shocked. This guy that I thought was really cool to be around with, was gay. I would've never guessed it. I tried not to think about it. But slowly over the two years I've known him, I've seen him in a couple of relationships. I've gotten very accustomed to the idea. It just seems to be just as natural as any other sexual orientation to me. I've just felt fine about it.

I've also found no problem in hugging another guy, but this could stem from the fact that in Turkiye(Turkey) hugging old friends is rather natural or relatives, be they male or female. In fact, kissing on the cheek is also very common.

Now the second part.

Eric throws fun parties with improv and the sort. He's an artist and his invitations are always amusing. Now the first party in my Freshman semester had a new idea. I was talking to Eric at work and he said that he was going to have an orgy this time as well.

"An orgy?" I asked puzzled and a little bit confused.
"Yeah, I've been to plenty of parties famous for orgies, but on the night that I went, they never had them. So I figured I'd make my own," he replied happily.
I said, "Well as long as there will be girls, too, and you stay the hell away from my ass!"
"Oh, don't worry I have my interests on other people's asses than yours."
I laughed, and later that week I got the invitation which made me laugh even more. "After-Midnight Sex! Optional!"

Well, the orgy flopped. Counting up.. only 5 people did it at the party. Three males in one group, and one male and one female in the other. There was also two males and one female that left the party to have sex.

Well, the male/female grouping was me and my first girlfriend, junkets. This was in September and we're still together. The problem was I live in Oklahoma and she lives in Sherman, TX. And during that semester we spent so much time talking and visiting each other that we neglected school. Not to say that we haven't been having fun.

So this is what it comes down to on blame: Straight female, Heather, for introducing gay friend, Ethan, to Eric, Ethan for getting Allex to drive him up to Eric's party, and other gay friend, Cole, for telling Allex that I liked her.

You can tell that both Allex and me are very mad at the homosexual community for making us meet each other and fall in love. Damn them! Especially Cole for grabbing my ass!

Update on Nov 9, 2001: Allex and I have broken up on this day. It was a mutual decision and much like our grouping, our breakup was unusual as well. We shall both miss each other, but we regret nothing and will hopefully retain each other as friend.

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