Warning: This node is sort of long.

Lately I've been hashing and rehashing a thought in my mind over and over again: How would the inside of a person's mind look, in an abstract kind of way?

Taking a literal look at things, the brain is a conscious network of hyperactive cells, and a sort of central processing unit that receives and helps delivers messages to the body by way of the nerves. It is composed mostly of white and gray matter, and is basically divided into three parts, the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the brain stem. It also stores information, such as thoughts and emotions, while perceiving and sorting sensory data.

I can't help but wonder what it would be like to be inside the living conscious and subconscious of another person, on an abstract level. I mean if you could "see" what really goes on in their brain, experiencing the thought process and the fabric of emotion, I wonder what it would look like. It would each new thought and feeling burst out like a firework, or would if slowly register as a sort of falling snowflake, to be soaked up by the mind as soon as they "touch".

Also, if you were to play back a memory, would it be sort of like standing in front of the wall of TVs in Tanaka's Electronics, or would it be more like finding yourself smack dap in the middle of a play, where you are the "unseen" character.

It is kind of a weird idea, but something to consider none the less.

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