This dance move will most often be used when listening to Jungle or Drum and Bass style of music, but will work equally well for Gabber, Speedcore, or even House!
Before you begin, you should probably learn what skanking is, as it will aid greatly in getting your leg dexterity up.

1) Wear bagging clothing, it will allow you to move around better.
2) Bring a towel. This will be draped over the back of your neck, and is used both to stabailize you during complex dance moves and to keep your neck sweat free.
3) Find a nice empty space on the dance floor and make sure an appropriatly banging track is playing on the system.

Now we're ready to dance!

1) Bend at the waist and look at your feet. Grasp the towel around your neck in front of you at about hip level, but 6 inches in front of your hips.
2)I usually start with my right foot, but either will do. Kick it out about 1 foot in front and in front of your left foot. Land on the heel of your right foot, while leaning your left foot forward so it is on its toes.
3) This is where some variations are thrown in, but the basic step would now be to switch feet, jumping and landing with your left foot on heel in front of your right, and your right foot now being on toe.
4) At this point, you may begin rotating your upper body either left or right and shuffling your feet to the side between steps 2 and 3.
5) The main thing is to jump around alot and feel the bassline. Just have your lower body dancing to the kick drum and your upper body swinging to the snare and you should be good.

If you really want to become a professional go to a rave and observe the people that look like gangsters when they dance. You may be confused at first, but with this guide and practice, you will be tearing up the dancefloor in no time!

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