How to Smile when You are in Pain

I ran the R----- this year
Single mom
First time I've run
without a child
To attend to
Seven previous runs

I didn't train
I ran the whole way
I smiled

Because my CEO
Three weeks ago
Said I should be
All the time

And fired me last week
Perhaps I failed
But I tried

I ran for my patients
Who can no longer
see me
Malpractice cancelled
Present on Friday
Now they are told
"She no longer works here."

I ticked off each mile
I thought with joy
If I won
In my age group
Perhaps the paper
Would speak to me
And I could say
I ran for my patients
and the hospital district
Because many people know
the district has fired me

Some people ask
"Were other doctors laid off?"
"No," I say, "Just me."
The senior woman.

I did not come in first
In my age group
The paper has said nothing
Nor have they printed
Emailed by my patients
The hospital board is
silent on the subject

Whenever my ego got
too big
I ran too fast
And felt nausea
Though I smiled
I sent my ego ahead
to the finish line
At mile 5
I pretended I was on
A practice R----- Run

At mile 6 my feet
Started hurting

I ran for my patients
But for beer too

I am setting up my practice
Thanks to many hands
That are helping me
But I can't see my patients

My smile is not a leer
My teeth do show
If it reminds you of a wolf
Well, it's still a smile

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