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Good Sister and Tyrannacancer fighting. They fight and fight, whack and punch each other.

Bad Sistuh watch, helpless. If she whack Tyrannacancer, Good Sister scream.

They fight, dust flying. Sweat flying, blood drip, run and fly. They give no quarter.

At last Good Sister stumble past Bad Sistuh into the house. She fall to the floor. Bad Sistuh frightened, leap forward. Good Sister not dead. Pulse not great, but there. Good Sister asleep, deep deep asleep. Bad Sistuh sigh, and half drag, half carry Good Sister to the bed. Good Sister don't seem to notice.

Tyrannacancer stand swaying outside. Tyrannacancer half the size of before the fight, pieces carved off and bleeding. Chemo'ed, cut, burned and radiated. Tyrannacancer look the worse of the two.

Bad Sistuh try to block the door as Tyrannacancer come in. Tyrannacancer walk through her like a ghost. Bad Sistuh know that happen, but she try anyhow. Tyranacancer go to look at Good Sister on the bed. Then come back out, sit heavy on porch steps.

Bad Sistuh sit down too. They quiet. The birds and critters all hiding during fight. They come back out now, slow. That and Tyrannacancer's heavy breathing, all Bad Sistuh hear.

"Why you here?" say Bad Sistuh, abrupt.

"Beloved sent me." say Tyrannacancer.

"No!" Bad Sistuh jump up, pull sword, sword burst into flame. "No! Not Beloved!"

Tyrannacancer look up, eyes tired. "You whack me with that sword, Good Sister feel it."

Bad Sistuh standing. She do know that. She slow, sheath sword, flames trickle down sheath, dying. She sit, tired, bones hurt.

"Beloved send all things." say Tyrannacancer.

Bad Sistuh crying. "But why? Why Beloved send you?"

Tyrannacancer crying too. Tears, blood, snot. "I the parts she hate. Good Sistuh. I don't want to come. I don't want to hurt, be hurt. Beloved send me."

"Parts she hate?"

"I her sad." say Tyrannacancer. "I her angry. I her fear. I all the bits she don't love, don't want to look at. I come. I wanna be loved."

Bad Sistuh crying, crying. "She don't love you."

Tyrannacancer nod. "I know."

Bad Sistuh say, "And I can't tell her, can I. No more than I can block the door or kill you with my sword."

Tyrannacancer cry. "She have to love me herself."

Bad Sistuh touch Tyrannacancer on arm. "You part of her. Part of Beloved. I don't know how to love you. But I try love all of her, all of Beloved. I try to love you. I so sorry."

Tyrannacancer say, "You love Good Sister. I know you try anyhow, but she decide when to love me." Tyrannacancer pat Bad Sistuh, benediction.

Tyrannacancer get up, small, unsteady, go to bed. Lie down next to Good Sistuh. Tyrannacancer asleep, just like that. Bad Sistuh follow, gentle tuck both in.

Bad Sistuh don't know how to help. She wait. She pray. She sit and watch over, watch over.


This is fiction. This is me arguing with God. Do not blame the cancer on the patient. They did not cause it. It has nothing to do with being a bad person, surpressing emotions, anything else. The natural instinct is to blame the person or something they did that we haven't done to distance ourselves from the fear.

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