Leech 'em.

Acorns are full of tannic acid, which tastes absolutely horrible (basically the worst thing I've ever tasted) but which you can use to disinfect wounds.

To get the tannic acid out of acorns, you need to leech them, that is stick them in boiling water for a few minutes, pour the water out, then repeat repeat repeat perhaps 25 times. Leeching is facilitated if you shell (obviously) the acorns and also chop them into fine pieces. Make sure to cut out any discolored or rotten portions of the nuts, and any grubs (unless you want to eat those too- I can vouch that they aren't poisonous but I don't know about the little cells that they build around themselves).

Alternatively, stick the (shelled and chopped) acorns in a porous container, stick the container in a moving body of water like a stream, and come back in a week. peanut suggests sticking said porous container into the tank of your toilet instead (not the bowl, the tank!). Each time you flush (and you'll have to flush repeatedly) you supply the acorns with more fresh water to leech their acid into.

When the tannic acid is all gone (taste to confirm), which is will never entirely be, you can eat the nuts as they are, or make them into a paste or a flour. I suggest strong flavoring, such as leaving them in maple syrup overnight, if you've got it.

You want to spend all this time and effort making acorns because
1. You're in a survival situation. Acorns are high in protein, plentiful and easy to find.
2. You like to experiment, as do I.

anthropod says re: eating acorns. Native americans did it in the Oregon/California region all the time. It was a staple. Recipe: http://www.ouachitalk.com/food.html

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