The Scene -- Still in a classroom

continued from the previous lesson
The professor continued on with his lesson. "Now you see, far more people can understand pig-latin, so the goal here is to insult the intelligence of the people who can't, while at the same time, robbing them blind." The professor turned to the blackboard and began writing a list of phrases as the class furiously scribbled them down.

  • "Everybody on the ground! -- Everybody-way on-way ethay ound-gray"
  • "Gimme the cash! -- immegay ethay ash-cay!"
  • "Don't even THINK about touching that button! -- Ontday even-way inkthay about-way ouching-tay at-thay utton-bay!"

"This concludes today's lesson. Tomorrow, we'll be learning how to hold up a bank in gibberish and gobbledeegook"

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