This is a dirty trick, but a quick way to make five dollars, and if the victim is attractive, is a rather easy way to see some flesh. It works especially well at parties and bars. Here's what you will need.

A Five Dollar Bill (in case you lose, which you won't, you'll have to pay up).
A stopwatch, or a watch with a second hand.
A neutral third party to hold the money (and their mouth shut).
A victim wearing a button-up shirt, like a dress shirt or a sports shirt.
  1. Bet your victim that they cannot unbutton and then button up their shirt in under one minute. Elaborate a bit, like they have to hold both flaps open to prove that it's really unbuttoned, that you want a third-party to hold the money, that you've never seen anyone else do it before because it's harder than it sounds, etc.
  2. Begin timing.
  3. Keep timing until the 60 seconds is up, even if they finish it first.
  4. Claim your five dollars... because here is the catch

You told them to button up their shirt. But watch anyone buttoning a shirt. They always button from the top downwards. Why? Because it's the easiest way to line up the buttons correctly. People do it habitually. When you are rushed, your first instinct is to get it done the fastest route you know... button down...not up.

On the very off chance that you managed to get a victim that is a symantics wizard and actually does button their shirt up, you at least got to see them with their shirt open. Depending on your choice, it might be worth the five bucks after all. The same thing goes for someone who will not pay the money.

Bonus Tip!: If your victim was of the opposite sex, you can then use your brand new Lincoln five-spot to buy them a drink and flirt. (Hint, they wouldn't have taken the bet if they weren't at least slightly interested in you).

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