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Smoking may be a vice, but you really can't beat the relaxation of a nice lungful every once in a while. However, the smoke left over is often a pain - family, roommates and authority figures shouldn't be confronted with the aftereffects of your enjoyment, and going outside is not always an option. What to do? Various ways have sprung up over time.

1. Incense: A pretty classic method - several colleges I've visited had "no incense" floors. Unfortunately, using incense to hide another scent requires a lot of incense, makes the room stuffy, and is pretty apparent to anyone with half a brain. Aromatic oils are probably the best form of incense to use, but this should be considered a back-up method at best.

2. Air fresheners: Another common subterfuge, but one best left to the preteens. Substituting one heavy scent for another leaves you with the same problems as incense with the added fun of chemicals. A can for back-up is a good idea, but it's not a solution.

3. Homemade filters: A good quick cure. The easiest and fastest way to make a filter is to fill a toilet paper roll about three quarters of the way full with toilet or tissue papers wadded up. After inhaling, breathe into the open side. It's more effective than you might think, although anyone not in high school will laugh at you for this. With larger containers, mouthpieces and tubing, homemade filters can become very elaborate.

4. Professional filters: The best way to enjoy and keep it private. Any good military surplus store will have gas masks for around ten dollars. If you breathe into a mask, it will eliminate any smell, and the heavy plastic of the masks usually don't pick up that nasty smell of concentrated smoke. I imagine respirators from hardware stores would also work, but they cost a bit more. Work with what you have. I promise you though: use this method and you'll be able to smoke your tobacco in peace. I'm not responsible for anything beyond that.

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