Database Nation
Simson Garfinkel
O'Reilly and Associates

Database Nation is an examination of the nature of privacy in a heavily networked, databased era. In it, Garfinkel spells out what he views as the most critical threat to free society in the world today.

Garfinkel is ambitious. He sets forth to pen a modern day Silent Spring; something to help spur the exploited and threatened masses to take action against the silent dangers of the corporate nation state before it irreparably harms the world around us.

Well written and thought-provoking, this book will provide ample fodder for any person worried about the flow of personal data around the world. Garfinkel provides excruciating detail of how people's personal information is traded without their knowledge or consent; he extrapolates current trends to a scary future; and he concludes with specific policy suggestions to try to mitigate the harm that he sees coming.

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