Situated on the Southwest corner of the Texas Tech University campus, the Hulen/Clement Residence Hall houses more than 700 Texas Tech students. Composed of six floors, divided in half by a dining hall with males living in one half (Clement) and females living in the other half (Hulen), this residence hall is one of the the most popular on campus.

The floors are arranged in this manner, with Hulen and Clement being direct mirrors of each other, and the dining hall and lobby dividing the two halves.

The first four floors have two wings, designated "long" and "short." This is because the "short" hall has fewer rooms than the "long" halls. Due to mail rooms and study lounges located on the first and second floors, respectively, the short halls on those floors have even fewer rooms than their 3rd-6th floor counterparts. "First Short" has only 10 rooms, while "Second Short" has 15. The remaining short halls have 20 rooms each, while every long hall has 25 rooms.

The fifth and sixth floors are devoid of "long" wings, each having only a "short" wing consisting of 20 rooms. These halls are situated directly above the other short halls, making the short wing of the building two stories taller.

The dining facilities are the most popular buffet-style facilities on campus. It is the general concensus of the students that Hulen/Clement has the highest quality food of all the buffet-style dining halls on campus.

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