The main problem other than a cultural abhorrence of eating human flesh, is its inability to pass most food safety standards, humans while being far from poisonous are at least partially toxic. I don't mean just in the personality department ethier.

Several things to consider. Most food chains -the web of life type, not the type - eventually lead to creating the mountainous wealth of human flesh. OK, maybe that is both types of food chain but nonetheless... At each trophic level, heavy metals and fat-soluble synthetic poisons accumulate.

People aren't wild - though can perhaps be considered free range. They aren't raised for consumption under controlled conditions, and they frequently have a worse diet than the animals we already eat. Cannibalism or more accurately anthrophagy has the same risks as a vector for mad cow disease and other prion caused contagious diseases of the nervous system.

But never fear Fine Young Cannibals, safety tips are at hand :

  • Avoid the fatty deposits, internal organs, especially the liver, and any parts of the nervous system.
  • Avoid Americans, you don't want to know what they eat.
  • Stick to the young. Eat lower on the food chain. It's better for the environment. Eat vegetarians.

Limit yourself to teenage vegans. Into whole food, perhaps devoted to bodybuilding and computer programming. Best found fresh from poorly maintained cycling lanes, and you've got yourself a winner.

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