Well, people are lucky, because they can usually argue their way out of being eaten. I personally eat dumb animals as a majority. I mean, sure, I've heard that human flesh tastes like pork, and that it is, in fact, delicious. But the fact that a person can say "Don't eat me" and a cow couldn't form that thought in it's brain, because it wouldn't understand the reasoning behind the notion, that's reason enough to choose to eat the cow over the person.

Look at it this way: I don't eat primates. I don't eat dolphins. No wait, I take it back. If someone said they tasted good, and it wasn't illegal to eat them, I'd probably give them a try. Heck, if someone served me a slice of human on a plate, I'd at least taste it, provided I didn't ever hang out with the person who was constituting my meal (because it'd be weird to eat someone you were friends with). It's rude not to try out new foods, even if they're made of people.

My friend Chuck was a great guy. But then he got dropped down into the LD classes because of bad grades.
So I ate him.
He wasn't all that smart, so it's ok. He didn't quite understand what I was doing when I started chomping on his leg, so he pretty much deserved to be eaten.

The same goes for the baby I found in the supermarket. I took it home for dinner, and all it did was cry as I roasted it alive. It never once said "excuse me sir, I would rather you didn't eat me". So no problem here--it's ok to eat stupid things! I mean, that baby wouldn't have been made of meat if God didn't intend it to be eaten! - and it certainly wouldn't have tasted so darn good!
Only human arrogance allows us to think that we are not meant to be eaten. If you think about the natural role of preagrarian man, we were largely savager-gatherers, which places our ancestors well below the superpredators in the food web. Add to that our slow speed and total lack of natural defenses, and the following statement seems logically inevitable:


That statement would still be really obvious today if we hadn't killed off most of the superpredators in our environment. Of course everyone will get eaten someday, if not by cats, wolves, or Komoto dragons, then by rats, worms or bacteria. Its only a matter of time before you get shuffled around in the carbon cycle. So really, "If people weren't meant to be eaten, they wouldn't be made of meat!" makes a lot of sense.

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