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Kings of East Anglia 749-c759

Hun, Beonna and Alberht were the names of the three kings that ruled East Anglia after the death of Aelfwald in 749. It is now generally assumed that the kingdom was actually divided between these three rulers, although it cannot be said with any degree of certainty what arrangements was made between these three kings for the government of the kingdom.

Simeon of Durham was to record that the kingdom was divided amongst two kings named Alberht and 'Hunbeanna', but as we have since discovered coinage imprinted with the name Beonna, it seems indisputable that there were two seperate rulers named Hun and Beonna.

Of these three kings Beonna appears to have been the last to survive as he is mentioned by William of Malmesbury as the immediate predecessor to Aethelred who began his reign as king of East Anglia around the year 759.

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