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Kiirehtimällä ei tule kuin kusipäisiä mukuloita.

-- Traditional Finnish proverb

There are missions or decisions that take a lot of time and careful preparation. If someone asks you to hurry up in the preparation, you might reply with this: "Hurry, and you'll get only shithead kids." You can refer directly to marriage or sex, but also to any other task where preparation is important.

Decisions or tasks that are relevant: having sex, getting a tattoo, planning a large project such as getting a mortgage and building a house, any technical task, etc. The point is that hurrying up inevitably leads to irreversible, stupid mistakes. Accidentally having children, taking the mortgage from the wrong bank, and leaving a critical bug to the release version are this kind of mistakes. The task takes time, if it's done well, because it needs consideration and wisdom. Experienced engineers know this too well.

What does this not mean: This is not a reference to taking a break. Neither this refers to catching a bus, or other tasks where careful consideration is not required.

On gn0sis's request, the meaning of the words. "Kusipäinen" is "urine-headed", where "kusi" is an offensive word, like "shit" is in English. "Mukula" is spoken-language word, which is a metaphor in a way. Literally, it means "corm", but figuratively it means a pre-teen child condisidered in a "bulk" sense, so it's almost always in plural.


A teenager says to her partner: - Let's get married!
- Hurry, and you'll get only shithead kids.

A boss says: - Get the compiler ready for tomorrow!
- By hurrying you'll get only shithead kids.

Ad infinitum.

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