Hushmail - noun. The website found at which offers free email to anyone using a PC and Internet Explorer version 4 or above. Also: Hushmail - verb. Funny example - "I want to hushmail you so bad, it is not even funny. Now get yo booty ass here, I need a good hushmailin'."

Hushmail is also the home of the most excellent 'auto' addresses. The site allows you to register an email account without giving any personal information. A random address is generated for the user - something like -

As the service allows for anonymous accounts and also offers end to end encryption between Hushmail accounts, we have to wonder if the folks down at Hushmail aren't getting carried away imagining how many gangsters and cartel leaders are using their service. This suspicion can be confirmed by reading the site's proud declaration of how their technology beats the FBI's 'Carnivore' information-gathering software.

I just think those 'auto' addresses are kinda cool.

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