People who are too judgmental annoy me.


Yeah. I am so sick of people who don't even try to understand others. People are deep, dynamic, multifaceted. Some individuals see only one small part of a person, one aspect, have one conversation with them. Then before you know it, they've come up with a long list of judgments on a person. The judging person decides they're lazy, incompetent, narcissistic, vain, snobbish...

Evil. The Devil. Sinner. On the road to Hell for their sinning ways.

Wow. It sounds like people who are religiously judgmental really annoy you.

Oh, certainly. They're the worst. The Preachers. The Bible Thumpers. The Jumping Jesus Freaks. They often pass the worse judgments of all, telling people (or at least thinking) they're going to Hell. They think all rock n' roll is evil because they've heard, or heard of, one Marilyn Manson album. If the Barenaked Ladies are evil, I'm the President of the United States. They also condemn all homosexuals to fire and brimstone for their evil, abhorrent, deviant, sodomistic ways. Those judgers think they know it all, don't they? Don't they realize the very God they worship is the only being that should be making such judgments? Judge not lest ye be judged. Or something. Are they too stupid to understand that?

So they're stupid, huh?

Yeah, a lot of them are probably uneducated. Or, perhaps, educated in their religious schools only, being told the whole time that gays and rockers are evil and believing without ever having known a single gay person or heard more than a handful of rock songs. Take one of my wife's uncles for example...

Ah, he is the one that works at that church, right?

Yeah. He's a pastor at a local church down in the sticks where my wife's family comes from. He's always like that, always judging people. Everybody's a sinner for some reason or another, especially gays or rockers. Aren't we all supposed to be sinners? Isn't that why Jesus died on the cross, as he believes? I'm sick of all the crap I have to put up with when we visit them. We can't mention going to the casino or scratching off lottery tickets because gambling is evil. My wife and I could never, ever mention that we had sex before marriage...

I thought that was nobody's business anyway...

Well, it isn't, but you see my point, don't you? I'm surprised we told them we'd lived together before we got married. I think my wife kind of pretended we just didn't sleep in the same bed. It was this kind of stuff that drove his daughter away from them. She had sex with one guy and felt so guilty over it that she married that guy even though he's a complete and total asshole.

"Asshole?" Aren't you being judgmental there?

Be quiet! Listen, that guy kept her from visiting her family for years.

Didn't he say that was her doing?

Maybe he was lying. But, anyway, even if he wasn't, her not seeing them for a while was a direct result of her parents forcing all those religious edicts down her throat, so she had to get away from them. She rebelled, like most kids do in that situation. All because her father, my wife's uncle, was too damn judgmental.

By the way, what's he been up to lately?

Well, he's been hard at work fixing up my mother-in-law's house so she call sell it, as my wife's father passed away in August 2002. He's been putting up siding, painting, fixing stuff, that sort of thing.

Wow. He doesn't sound so bad. Isn't he always doing stuff like that?

Well, yes. He does like to help out a lot, those people that he loves, as long as they're not gay I guess.

He sounds like a very charitable, giving man. Isn't he also friendly, kind of jovial? He isn't always throwing the Bible at you is he?

Well, no. And he is friendly...

Well, what the hell's your problem with him anyway? You're not gay, or a rocker. Other people like him, who do tend to be too judgmental at times, might be really good, great people who would give the shirts off of their backs to people in need, like your wife's uncle would do. It sounds to me like you're being unfair and being too judgmental on people who are too judgmental. You're condemning them of doing the same thing to others that you're doing to them.

Listen, you! I am not being too judgmental, here, I'm just saying they are. Don't confuse the issue here...

No, I don't think I'm confusing anything. You are looking at only a small part of these people and deciding all these things about them based on that, just what you said they do. Sounds to me that I'm not off the issue at all. You need to settle down and think about the fact that you're not considering all the good things these judgmental people do and realize that when you're not considering those things you're being just like them. Look in the mirror next time you judge somebody for being too judgmental.

Well, well...look,'re just stupid, OK?!

You're being judgmental on me, there...

Shut up!!

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