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I would like to visit you for a while
Get away and out of this city

I miss you, baby. I miss living out in the country with you. We had such good times together. I miss you so much. I miss the country. I miss your little dog, Jiggs. It’s been so long.

Maybe I shouldn’t have called but someone had to be the first to break

I knew sooner or later one of us would break the silence and call the other. I couldn’t wait for you to do it any longer. I miss you so much baby. I miss the time we spent together.

We can go out on your back porch
Talk about anything
It don’t matter
I’ll be courageous if you can pretend that you’ve forgiven me

Do you remember those nights when we’d sit on your porch for hours and talk about nothing? Don’t you miss that, baby? I do. If you can just pretend to forgive me I can pretend to be brave. We could sit on your porch all night and talk until the sun comes up. We could talk about the good ol’ days. We could talk about the weather. I don’t really care what we talk about as long as we talk.

< br>Because I don’t know you anymore < br>I don’t recognize this place < br>The picture frames have changed and so has your name

You’ve changed your name back. You took my name and now you’ve given it back. You took down all our wedding pictures. Our house just ain’t the same now. You’ve changed it all to a place I don’t feel at home in. Could you ever change it back?

< br>We don’t talk much anymore < br>We keep running from the pain < br>But what I wouldn’t give to see your face again

You never call me now. I’m afraid to call you because it hurts so much to hear your voice sounding so far away. I’d give anything just to hold you in my arms again and kiss your lips. Oh, baby, I miss you. I just want to cuddle with you in front of the fireplace and hold you tight until the sun comes up.

< br>Springtime in the city < br>Always such relief from the winter freeze < br>The snow was more lonely than cold if you know what I mean

I missed you this winter. I missed sharing a blanket with you. I missed sitting in front of our fireplace together. It’s spring now and I can’t take spending another day without you. Winter lasted so long. I felt so empty without you by my side. Now winter is over and spring is a time for fresh starts, so baby, please, give me another chance.

< br>Can you believe what a year it’s been?
Are you still the same? < br>Has your opinion changed?

So much has happened in the year since you kicked me out. I’ve changed, have you? I miss you so much, baby. Will things ever be the way they were? Have you forgiven me? Will you ever? What’s your opinion of me now? Do you still think I’m an unloving jerk? I’ve changed, baby, give me another chance? Please?

< br>I know I let you down < br>Again and again < br>I know I never really treated you right < br>I’ve paid the price < br>I’m still paying for it every day

I was never the perfect partner. I made mistakes. I called you names I shouldn’t have called you. I never hit you though, baby. I never hurt you. Every day I face the consequences of not treating you the way I should have. I miss you so much, honey. I think I’ve done my time. Please talk to me now, baby.

< br>So maybe I shouldn’t have called < br>Was it too soon to tell? < br>Oh what the hell < br>It doesn’t really matter < br>How do you redefine something that never really had a name?

Maybe I should have let you be the first one to break. Maybe I should have just kept waiting to hear from you, but I called. Who cares who is the first to break, right? I don’t know how to give our “relationship” a name now. I never knew what to call it even when we were together. All I know is you’re my baby and I miss you so much.

< br>I see your face…

Lyrics from “I Don’t Know You Anymore” by Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones

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