Darren Hayes is the lead singer in the Australian music group Savage Garden. He also does most of the lyric writing for the group.

He was born on May the 8th in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He has three older siblings, a brother and a sister. Showing musical talent] at an early age of 5, he joined high school musicals and then went on to study drama in University. From drama, he moved on to journalism then finally education. Darren met his future wife Colby Taylor while studying, and they got married not long after.

Not long after marrying Colby, Darren answered an advert] in a local newspaper from a band that was looking for a vocalist. Darren was accepted straight away, and after touring up and down the east coast of Australia, Darren and Daniel (the instrumentalist in Savage Garden) split away from the band and begun to write their own music. Unfortunately though, after the release of their Debut Album, Colby and Darren divorced, but are still close friends. A lot of the songs off Savage Garden's second album Affirmation were about Darren’s personal feelings at the time.

Darren is a vegetarian, and loves Asian foods. He says that he is a very healthy person, but still loves ice-cream.

Darren is also a huge Star Wars fan, and has been since Star Wars: A New Hope was first released.
As well as loving Star Wars, and having a huge collection of figurines, Darren also loves Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, and the name 'Savage Garden' was actually derived from one of her books.

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