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This node confirms that PBS is the greatest station in all of the United States, and possibly the world. I was flipping through channels on this boring Saturday afternoon when I stumbled upon channel 9, PBS in my area (KTVI St. Louis). There was a man holding up a disgusting-looking black thing of sorts, and I thought I heard him say something about eating it. I watched intently for a moment, then this gaudy-assed, unprofessional-looking screen popped up, "I Eat Weeds and Trees" with Mickey Robinson. I was stunned. In about a minute and a half, he went through the recipe for acorn griddle bread, and then advised the viewers not to eat any unknown plant without the aid of a botonist. The premise. Before I knew it, everything was over as quickly as it started.
Ack! I was too hasty in this writeup, as I have just found a tiny bit of information pertaining to the show. Apparently, I Eat Weeds and Trees is a "filler" for public broadcasting; it only lasts for 90 to 120 seconds, basically to kill time with some content instead of just begging for money like they usually do (isn't that why they have telethons, after all?). There are twenty-six episodes in all.

Information gleaned from American Public Television's on-line catalog: http://www.aptvs.org/ (under Contracts, search, I Eat Weeds & Trees)

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