Why can't customers be more polite? Seriously... I'm only fixing their meal when I'm working at McDonald's, but somehow that leads to gruffness and abuse.

There are some great customers I come across, some who are incredibly nice and get into some pleasing conversations with you which help to break up the long, tedious work hours, and I love those customers. Unfortuneately, most customers aren't that way.

The most common case is when I say something like, "would you like fries with that?" or "would you like any desserts with that?", and I'm just doing my job when I ask this, but alot of people angrily and rudely say something along the lines of, "no, just get on with it."

Another case is when we are flat out with lines of people out the door, and the cooks not making enough burgers and there is someone waiting for an item. Up they come, "where the hell is my burger? I've been waiting for five minutes.", then I apologise profusely and explain how busy we've been only to be abused.

As I said before, not all customers are like this and some are a real treat, but please don't abuse us customer service people, we're only trying to do our job. Besides, it'd be a much nicer world if nobody abused anybody.

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