Well, actually, I don't. But on the spectrum of things to fix, medical-wise, trauma is pretty damn high on the scale.

Why, you ask?

I dunno. Part of it is my sick fascination with the mechanical workings of the human body.

Part of it is that I don't mind blood, nor do I mind the feel of the broken ends of bones grinding against each other.

But I think the biggest reason is this: I hate dealing with shit like frostbite. Give me a compound fracture to the tib-fib any day over a third-degree frostbite to the feet. One of those will be okay eventually, the other won't. One of those is very very easy to set, splint, and walk out of there, the other is very very difficult to take care of.

With trauma, life is easy. Maybe there are some internal injuries, so you treat for shock. Maybe there's a head injury, so you keep them as lucid as possible. But in the field, I'd rather clear a dozen C-spines and drag all their asses out of there than deal with someone who's got second-degree burns over 10 percent of their body.

Frostbite is nefarious. Burns can be nefarious. Trauma? Pull traction, set it, splint it, and go.

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