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I work for a 'blue chip' organisation in London. My job includes attending lots of client meetings, negotiations and other such mundane 'proper' tasks which I care not to bore you with.

As a result Mondays tend to drag a little (in fact every day drags a little but Monday is always the worst).

This Monday I had arranged a meeting for 4:30pm with the express intention of leaving at 5:30 and going straight home. Believe me, this would be a very early night!

The meeting was one of those ones in which I expected a lot of bollocks to be talked before eventually closing the negotiation at the exact point which we all knew it would end anyway.

Luckily I found myself in a meeting with an equally minded individual who just said to me;

"Look, we could just sit here and huff and puff for an hour and a half about something which we both know what the outcome will be, or, we could just agree now and go home early"

I believe that I was out of the building in about three seconds to be with my friends at e2!

Shit, I really should have entered this in the daylog shouldn't I? - sorry.

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