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First of all, as a disclaimer I would like to mention that I am, in fact, a student at a public high school. I can't help it. I've tried to go to private high schools and to colleges and both plans have backfired. That public high school is nestled in the hills of central Pennsylvania, where closed-mindedness and Republicanism are handed down from generation to generation, along with the old farmhouse and relics of days gone by.
I'm known in my school for being overly blunt: I say what I mean and I don't stop until I've gotten my point accross. About three weeks ago, I got into trouble for this habit, and for once, I shouldn't have.
My English teacher, who we will henceforth refer to as 'The Monster', has never been my favorite person in the world. Sure, she's my next-door neighboor, and I've had classes from her for two years running: She's a bitch.
One day in class, we began to talk amongst ourselves before class started and tried to decided to try to get The Monster off track and talk about something else. My friend Mark, bastard that he is, said "Well, let's get her to start yelling about something she really objects to." At that point the teacher walked into the room and we had to delay our plans -- momentarily. As soon as The Monster was settled into our desk, Mark raised his hand and asked, more boldly than I would have expected, "Miss Monster, do you believe that homosexuality is a choice, or is it something you're born with?"
I knew that I was in trouble when she started off the sentence with "I am a child of God." Now, I know what the Bible says. My dad's been telling me for my entire life not to take anything too seriously, the Bible especially. But when a teacher -- someone I'm supposed to look up to! -- says, "The Bible is the last word, and it clearly states that homosexuality is wrong. I don't really think there's any argument. Should someone choose to go against this, they are sinning: it's laid out that clearly." I find it incredibly difficult to remain in this town without plastering "I am not a part of this!" to my chest. I have friends who are gay, I have friends who are bisexual, and I only wish that one or two of them had been in that room to back me up when my face turned purple and I yelled at her until she threw me out of class.

The worst part was, a day later I told another friend about it and she said "Wow, I wish I was like you. I wish I'd been there -- I would have argued, too."
Another guy in the class overheard and said, "But what was there to argue about?"
I simply refuse to keep living like this. I don't have a wish to offend Christians, but I seriously feel that at this point, it isn't healthy for me to stay here when there are such closed-minded people trying to seal the edges of the world with their biblical superglue. It doesn't work like that.

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