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I am not fool enough to wish for wings
to give myself that hope
When hope is unfulfilling.
I am not fool enough to wish to fly
When I can do nothing more than stand on the ground
and look at the sky

Why can't I be happy with this?
I am planted on the Ground.
Up there, is a sky
that I can see
I want to touch and taste.

But wishing would be childish.
Somehow out of place.
So, here I am
Because I can not touch the sky
I could go out to the cliffs
I could tempt fate
This is the edge

I am not fool enough to wish for wings
So, that I could save myself when I fall

Or I could turn to you, and ask for help
beg for your attention
I don't want your attention

I want to fly

But, I can't.

This was a junkpile nodeshell

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