In the dark recesses of your local library, you may stumble upon a little book, full of inky illustrations and eerie stories, that leaves you wondering if the supernatural exists after all. This book is Strangely Enough, by C.B. Colby

Colby introduces the stories by saying that some of them are real-life accounts and some are fiction; however, he never says which are which. The reader is left wondering.

And some of these stories, which could be real (you never know) are the type to send chills up your spine. For instance, "The man who fell forever" tells of a fellow who decided to get down from a lighthouse the fastest way possible; his companion rushes down the stairs expecting to find the man in a mangled heap, but there is no body. The man has vanished entirely.

Another story has a few hunters holed up in a cabin in the woods at night, with a big black dog; the dog starts to bark at something outside, and proceeds to jump out the window. Shortly thereafter the dog jumps back in through the window, now pure white.

Another story has a ship's crew witness a series of red lights in the sky at dusk, which spin around in a large circle.

It's that kind of book.

(The original 1959 hardcover edition has 99 stories; subsequent editions remove 8 of them for no apparent reason.) 

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