I know what you're doing, yeah
I know why you can't forget me,
I know why you're singing~ lost love~
(the lyrics haven't changed).

I can recognize the symptoms,
you should know I've changed my mind.
I know what you're doing, and
it's not going to work this time.

I know-Dionne Farris(written by Milton Davis)

It should be easy. We have both had plenty of practice. You dance back into my life again and play upon my emotions, softly. But something is missing, and amazingly enough, it's me. I don't feel anguish and I am free of that rush-that sense of urgency that usually accompanies your return.

I find myself speaking to you as a person now. You are suddenly mortal. Who is more surprised? I don't know. But the fun part is that you don't get it. Yet.

You are still playing the game; covering old ground. You are missing out on my new perspective with the same tunnelvision that came with your blithe departures. It's just you, standing at the door with that same old:

"I blame myself-I know I hurt you-you should hate me-but I hope you don't" look

It looks silly on you. A Halloween costume at Thanksgiving, Christmas lights still up at Easter. Well, Party's over. One of us has already left the building- what a relief not to care.

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