I would like to talk to some of you about rough-hewn logs which does not have a writeup. My name is Behr, and as YOUR friend and confidant (similar to "Fido" in dog lexicon) and I suggest you think about adding some valuable factual content there if you know what is good for you. Sick of there being nothing about that here. Enough said. Good stuff.

I don't know how many of you have ever been pregnant. Probably three or four by my estimate.

Some years ago I was in New York City (home of beloved favorite president of all Donald Trump) and I took the "subway" which is a made up word meaning "trolley underneath magma." What I learned on that trip is that the laws are inconsistent and need to be changed. What I do when I get on the underground trolley cars is I take off all my clothes. I paid for a token and so this is my home and in my home I do as I please. I don't know why more people don't take the iniative. Sad. Unfortunate. May your toes curl up when you have sex the next time (with WHATEVER you have it with).

I have recently signed up a sponsor to return to the abovegroundworld. However, this noder has young children at home and feels I cannot be trusted with them even as she believes that the world needs my political platforms to be great again. Little does she know that my platform calls for women to be put into breeding pens and cleaning/cooking service pens depending on how attractive they are. Let the uggers cook my food while I boff a supermodel. That is the life for me. Won't you let me stay with you while I look for a new place? I usually flush the toilet after a large bowel movement (a sign of trustworthiness).

Give me your address there and I will call you from the nearest airport and you WILL pick me up and you WILL stop at Cracker Barrel on the way home and you WILL buy my food for me and hold the stall door open while I shit it out in a gas station bathroom.

And then together we can change the world.

My friends.

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