Hello, my name is Berhardt Goats. Friends call me Behr. I am friend to you. Call me (thusly) Behr.

Today I would like to discuss the ethics and (thusly) the ethical dilemna of making a "variety" of foods available for general consumption.

ONLY bland country food should be available in America (which is where you live unless you are noding here illegally - if so, please report to one of the convenient deportation camps located at our southern border - enjoy our hospitality which is on display there - we are a Christian nation). Making various "ethnic" and "weirdo" foods available is plain wrong. We are Americans not global food samplers. Fuck that shit. Get the Chinese food and the pizza and the tacos our of here and bring back a virtual plethora of bland country foods.

It simply is not ethical (thus the dilemna) to make all these foods available. It is confusing to people and takes them away from concentrating on developing a work ethic and getting down in the coal mines that are America's meaningful future. There is no other option (thus the dilemna mentioned above). I am a fully tenured professor at a for profit university recently endorsed by my erstwhile former lover Betsy D. Vos in her pamphlet she just got involved with on a purely peripheral basis.

Look into it. Make the right ethical choices (which is what I said to my students when I was still in the abovegroundworld at the end of my important ethical lectures).

My friends.

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