Marry Me A Little is a musical revue with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. The show was conceived and directed by Craig Lucas and Norman Rene. The musical is a pastiche of songs not used in early Sondheim shows. Marry Me a Little opened at The Production Company on October 29, 1980 with the following cast:

Craig Lucas as The Man
Suzanne Henry as The Woman

Musical Numbers
Saturday Night (from "Saturday Night")
Two Fairy Tales (cut from "A Little Night Music")
Can That Boy Foxtrot (cut from "Follies")
All Things Bright and Beautiful (cut from "Follies")
Bang! (Cut from "A Little Night Music")
The Girls of Summer
Uptown, Downtown (cut from "Follies")
So Many People (from "Saturday Night")
Your Eyes are Blue (cut from "A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum)
Marry Me a Little (cut from "Company")
Happily Ever After (cut from "Company")
Pour le Sport
Silly People (cut from "A Little Night Music")
There Won't Be Trumpets (from "Anyone Can Whistle")
It Wasn't Meant to Happen (cut from "Follies")
Who Could be Blue? (cut from "Follies")
Little White House (cut from "Follies")

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