The first date you go on with a particular person.

Often a bit awkward because of the unknown that lies in the future.

Also quite exciting for the very same reason.
Silly me...

My first date and I had not realized it was one.

We were friends and we would hang out together with our other friends.

There were some signs there but I did not take notice. At first my mind did wonder. I thought there might be something there, but I ignored it. It couldn't possibly be. With me? Nah. ... nope. My mindset just did not let me see it. It did not let me have the courage to take the risk and see where things could lead.

I should have known something was different, it was just me and her. That night, going to see a movie, without others.

"I had fun tonight", she said. "Yes me too".

I did not realize until she sent her email to me, inquiring about how I felt and telling me about how she felt.

silly? pathetic? why am I writing for the entire net to see?

I think I did it again.

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