First dates, although somewhat nerve-racking, are quite exciting. They are exciting in the sense that it's a big discovery time for the participants. You get to learn all sorts of new things about the other person, and start to get a feel for what they are really like. And the more and more I think about it, the more I think that relationships fail because there is no more discovery. And actually, after a while I think there needs to be a transition where the discovery is done more often together as as opposed to individually.

I bring this up only because I went on a date last night, the first one in over 2 years, and the first one since I broke up with my ex-girlfriend some three months ago. And as uncomfortable as it was at times, it was almost intoxicating telling someone who knows really nothing about you about the things you like to do and listening to them tell you the same. And it's especially good when both parties are actually interested in listening, not thinking 'when will this date be over?'...

In the end, we ended up talking for close to 3 hours, and made plans for me to maybe teach her how to inlike skate (you can't be Canadian if you can't skate) this weekend... it's all good.

Of course, I probably have no idea what I'm talking about, so I'll shut up now.

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