"I recognize you," she said. His face was the colour of pale wheat. He was hunched over a dark pool, staring at the space between his outstretched hands. deep in that space, a tiny spark. a white snake, a filament, wriggling and glowing. the force of his will heavy in the air, making a sound like the moaning of a high wind in the folds of the damp rock.

she shakes her head. this is not real. she says that she knows him. that they have been in this place together many times before. his eyes lift briefly from his work. the writhing light fades, and his attention returns to the space between his hands. she touches his shoulder and his skin is cold and hot at the same time. he is giving birth to his own mind and she knows that this must not happen.

my friend's eyes are so soft, his pupils dark with drugs, and he feels like everything is underwater. I felt that way once too, and there was no sense to be made of anything. he is sweating, smiling, in his mind he is naked. he leans close to me in the luminous dark and tells me things I already know. we are friends. he is lonely. his work is destroying his heart. in my dreams he is always just like this, like a child with happy, tearful eyes.

he's asleep under an old willow, like a faery imprisoned in a christmas bauble. the willow branches trail in the bright water. he doesn't know about the world any more and his brain is empty, full of sounds and tastes and sights only, and silly dreams of circles. he sleeps and wakes as if there will always be tender arms to hold him. and in my dreams, there always will.

The wind is blowing, yet it is a warm and beutiful day.
I am sitting right up the top of a pine tree, meters above the ground, wondering how the hell to get down.The ground seems blured, and so does the sky.

The wind starts blowing harder, and harder, as I am trying with all my strength to stay on the tree.
"HELP, HELLLLLPPPPPP!" I keep screaming, but nobody came.
A strong wind blew me right off the tree. It seemed like forever I was falling, till I hit the concrete ground.
People gathered round. Asking stupid questions, till after a while I finally stood up.
I wasn't hurt. Until I looked down and noticed I had no right arm, or shoulder for that matter. I screamed, I sceamed so hard I lost my voice. All the people who gathered around me ran away.

It started raining, and I slipped over. Without a right arm, I could not get back up. I lay there, the water was getting deeper. It was filling the whole concrete court up. I tried to scream, but I had no voice.

After a while, the only part of my body that was not covered in water was my mouth.

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