If you are not fortunate enough to live in a city finding a vantage point high above town is a challenge. Some folks throw caution to the wind and climb one of our two water towers. I hear it is some view, but sounds a bit too risky for my blood.

I prefer the old fashioned approach, which involves a hike up the only real hill around these parts. About 30 minutes or so puts you on some rocks that sit above a small forest of Poplar trees and blackberry bushes. From there you can see quite a bit of our little burg.

On a warm summer day you can pack along some chips, some wine and a patient girlfriend. She might joke about the high rises and the loft district. She also might wince trying to see the high school and the long closed fabric factory on the far side of town. She will probably point to the streets that run by your street; by your house. If you are lucky she will lean her head on your shoulder and take a nap.

I've been lucky.

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